6. Real love start with self_love

💖A woman ‘s real crown is her capacity to love and dream (whatever happens). Her charm lies in her believe in her love and her dreams! And her strength lies in her will power to realize her dreams! 

But as a woman, I can well feel that her instinct is her weapon as well as her weakness . She knows who deserves her love, who doesn’t, which dreams are palpable and which not!  Who she can trust, who not!  Whose shoulders, she can put her head on (when tired)  whose not! 

The moments, when her instinct and her heart stand face to face, drawing their swords against each other, she, sometimes, bows before her heart and puts at stake, all what she has. 

She will accept every pain smilingly but the moment she feels, she  is / was used, she flings away  whatever and whoever, she cherished crazily!..👼💫


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