90.The True Beauty _ Thomas Carew

He that loves a rosy cheek
Or coral lip admires,

Or from star-like eyes doth seek
Fuel to maintain his fires ;

As old Time makes these decay,
So his flames must waste away.

But a smooth and steadfast mind,
Gentle thoughts, and calm desires,

Hearts with equal love combined,
Kindle never-dying fires :-

Where these are not, I despise

Lovely cheeks or lips or eyes…โฃ

22 thoughts on “90.The True Beauty _ Thomas Carew

  1. SoundFlyer

    Beautiful poem, one of my favourites. But “As old Time makes these decay,
    So his flames must waste away.” is getting a little close for comfort… ๐Ÿ™‚ just realised, Carew almost put a smiley face at the end of this line “Kindle never-dying fires :- ” !

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  2. What a wonderful poem! Thank you and greetings!

    Chi ama una guancia rosea
    O il labbro di corallo ammira,
    O da occhi stellati cercano
    Carburante per mantenere i suoi fuochi;

    Come il vecchio tempo fa questo decadimento,
    Quindi le sue fiamme devono disperdersi.

    Ma una mente liscia e risoluta,
    Pensieri gentili e desideri calmi,

    Cuori con uguale amore combinato,
    Kindle fuochi senza fine: –

    Dove questi non sono, disprezzo

    Belle guance o labbra o occhi … โฃ

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