112. Thankful for Life. _ Hiral N.

I am thankful for my valleys, as hindsight offers me a view of all the trails, trees, and ladders, I fumbled and stumbled upon to get where I am today…

I’m reminded of a rough time in my past, and I’m totally thankful for….

I’ve always liked myself, even loved myself, but many moments in my past has me wondering was wrong with me…

There are still many ways I intend to improve myself, but now I know that those moments of struggle and self doubt were an important part of who I needed to become…

I celebrate those struggles, and the ones to come…

We are all human…

We are here to connect…

We are here to help each other up…

We are here to learn to love our hurts, and unlock our deepest gifts….💫

19 thoughts on “112. Thankful for Life. _ Hiral N.

  1. Very well said! All too often we look at the bad times the wrong way, we should learn from them and it helps us to grow stronger. Thanks for sharing this and thanks for following my blog, I hope you will find it enjoyable!

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