⭐️ Quotes by Hiral N. (13)


The sword decends at your feet..

The wind changed direction,
while I was whispering your name..
The clouds turned to fire!!!

I am walking alone by the beach
And you are someplace else…
I dont know why fate plays
this suicidal game with my sanity…

I always have regret that
I can’t find you
I always forget to change Myself
as you do.. !!

Once upon a time,
You were my 12.A.M alarm..
You are my 3.A.M tears..
And sometimes,
You are my sleepless nights….


I’m just not cut out for love..
My soul craves sparks, and the way the kiss from a soulmate can make the world disappear..
I just think love is supposed to be Magical—not Logical…


Out of the head and into the heart..
Everything progressive comes from a longing for more in the heart.
If you are not creating space for quiet and focused breath, then you are being fueled by the anxious energy of mental chatter..
Feeling the heart is not the same as living in reaction to emotions..
The heart’s guidance is strong, steady, and warm.
There’s no rush..
Inner knowing is gentle and calm..
It needs to prove nothing..
Are you quiet enough to hear your heart??


I know
I am yours forever,
I still want to
win your heart every day…


If you want to make a
place in someone’s heart ,
Then you have to be
divorced with your Ego..


I want to touch you once.
To ensure you are in real.
People says you are just my illusion.
It’s never be yours… A broken heart wouldn’t mind
a few more cracks …


रूबरू मिलने का मौका मिलता नहीं है रोज,
इसलिए लफ्ज़ों से तुमको छू लिया करती हूँ.!!!
{ I didn’t get chance to meet in person everyday,
so I try to touch you by my Words..}

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