111.Please Don’t Leave My Love _ Jessica Langton

My words were not that of a kind person.

Hurtful words that should have never entered my mind

But they did, and they can be erased in time.

Just watch, you’ll see.

I’ll try harder; it’ll get better.

I promise I will be better.

I’ll smile every time I see you.

There has got to be something that I can do or say,

Something that will make you want to stay.

Don’t leave me alone, not like this.

I only just found you, my only one.

We can’t possibly be over and done.

Please, tell me I’m still in your heart.

Let me show you that I can appreciate you more

Every day, more than the day before.


And he turned with glazed eyes

“I love you, too.”


☆ Quotes by Hiral N. (10)

Any road will get you to where you want to go. Not having a direction, not having a goal, not knowing where you are going, it’s all the same. You go nowhere. You can never get there,” can never arrive anywhere, because you don’t really have a destination…

110. Selected Poems _ Pablo Neruda

Well, now

If little by little you stop loving me

I shall stop loving you

Little by little

If suddenly you forget me

Do not look for me

For I shall already have forgotten you

If you think it long and mad the wind of banners that passes through my life

And you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots


That on that day, at that hour, I shall lift my arms

And my roots will set off to seek another land…

109. Let Me _ Randy Batiquin

Let me take care of your broken heart
and show you how to fly.
Let me hold you gently by the hand
and kiss your tears goodbye.

Let me lead you to tomorrow’s light
and out of needless rain,
’cause all I want right now
is to see you smile again.

Let me sing you all the songs I wrote
’til you sleep in my embrace,
and I’ll keep you safe and warm until
the sunlight strokes your face.

Let me bring you up the mountain’s peak,
and I’ll let you touch the skies
to remind you of the strength I see
when I look into your eyes.

Let me kiss and show you what is love
and the happiness it brings.
You’ll sail again like a butterfly
endowed with pretty wings.

Let me do all these to let you see
our fates are intertwined.
You’re the accidental precious gem
I’ve waited long to find.

The earth and sky conspired to make us meet.
They knew we both belong
to each other like words and lovely notes
give life to every song.

So fly with me, my beautiful one.
It’s time we leave the past.
I’m yours to keep, and you are mine.
We’re finally home at last…

108. The Words _ Margo T. Rose

We met at a cross-roads in life,
But we were going different directions.

We were part of each other’s lives,
But only for a moment.

The first person that you meet in life
Won’t necessarily be the one who’s forever.

Just look at you and me,
And it’s not hard to see that
This is the moment before life goes on.

We are still friends;
We are still really good friends.

Please tell me that you agree.

But I’m not the one for you,
And you just can’t see yourself with me…

107. I’m Sorry For Hurting You _ Casey

I’m sorry for hurting you, like the way I do
I’m sorry for the hurtful things I always say to you
We know the fight will never last
but still the amount they do
I’d like to say I’m sorry for everything I put you through.

It kills me when we fight, and it scares me too
I always make you cry and it kills me when you do
As I write this now, I know this much is true
I love you with all my heart and will always be with you…