☆ Quotes by Hiral N. (11)

I think the moment all we start to realise that life is much more than our outward appearance , We begin to truly understand the beauty of Love…💕


115. Do you know and Do you Care ? _ Pink Faerie

Did you know you had left a person who was in love?

With you?

Did you know that when you did not turn around and wave,

you broke my heart?

Did you know that I still dream of what we should have had?

Did you know me?

Did you?

Did you care that my heart broke into a million pieces?

Did you care that when it went back together, three were missing?

Did you care that I wrote letters, and they were never answered?

Did you care that I made you Christmas gifts every year?

Did you care that I brought you flowers on your birthday?

But did not know where to bring them?

Did you realize I waited and waited, hoping, you would find us.

Thinking nightly for many nights that we would fall into ourselves?

Did you know that you inspired me to write poetry, and books?

Did you know that every painting and sketch I have is of you?

Did you know that I still fantasize that you and I will be in love?

Did you know? Do you remember me? Do you care?

114. If You Only Knew _ Tina Shondrick

IF you only knew that falling for you was the last
thing on my mind….

IF you only knew how sexy you are
and how I thought that body of yours was so fine..

IF you only knew that when you put on your sweet charm;
I feel myself melting right into your arms…..

IF you only knew when you whisper baby talk to me
I try so hard to hold back my laughter unsuccessfully……

IF you only knew how happy I felt when I opened up my eyes
and there you still were right by my side….

IF you only knew that sometimes I thought
maybe I should leave and just be on my way…..

IF you only knew how my heart would ache
at the thought of not seeing you each day…..

IF you only knew that from the start
your magic touch had captured my heart…..

If you only knew that I want all Haters to know, there”s no chance of breaking us up;
our love is a solid, strong unbreakable bond…….

IF you only knew how time stands still for me
when were laying in each others arms…..
my legs are tangled up with yours
and no one can do me any harm……

IF you only knew how much I love you now….
IF you only knew how much I care…..
IF you only knew you’re in my blood…..
then you would realize that only you
are my everlasting love…

113. Rise Up and Salute the Sun _ Suzy Kassem


Look deep in the mirror

And say: ‘I LOVE YOU’

And immediately

An electric current will

Ripple throughout your soul

And burst through your eyes

Like shooting stars

Dancing across the skies

In ecstasy.

To tell your soul you love it –

Is like remembering


After being in a coma

For a hundred years.

Your face will beam the light

Of a hundred galaxies…

112. Thankful for Life. _ Hiral N.

I am thankful for my valleys, as hindsight offers me a view of all the trails, trees, and ladders, I fumbled and stumbled upon to get where I am today…

I’m reminded of a rough time in my past, and I’m totally thankful for….

I’ve always liked myself, even loved myself, but many moments in my past has me wondering was wrong with me…

There are still many ways I intend to improve myself, but now I know that those moments of struggle and self doubt were an important part of who I needed to become…

I celebrate those struggles, and the ones to come…

We are all human…

We are here to connect…

We are here to help each other up…

We are here to learn to love our hurts, and unlock our deepest gifts….💫

111.Please Don’t Leave My Love _ Jessica Langton

My words were not that of a kind person.

Hurtful words that should have never entered my mind

But they did, and they can be erased in time.

Just watch, you’ll see.

I’ll try harder; it’ll get better.

I promise I will be better.

I’ll smile every time I see you.

There has got to be something that I can do or say,

Something that will make you want to stay.

Don’t leave me alone, not like this.

I only just found you, my only one.

We can’t possibly be over and done.

Please, tell me I’m still in your heart.

Let me show you that I can appreciate you more

Every day, more than the day before.


And he turned with glazed eyes

“I love you, too.”

☆ Quotes by Hiral N. (10)

Any road will get you to where you want to go. Not having a direction, not having a goal, not knowing where you are going, it’s all the same. You go nowhere. You can never get there,” can never arrive anywhere, because you don’t really have a destination…