127.Gone With The Wind – Akanksha Gupta

The sands of time

Are slipping through my fingers,
Their lingering heat
In my bones
Makes me want to hold on
For a few moments longer,
To recapture and savour
The bygones,
I chase the winds
That carry those sands on their wings,
But as they gradually drop and cease to be
My legs give way, I stop
And unsteadily sway
In anticipation of a fall,
But soon I’m sinking
Into a quicksand of memories.
Alarmed, I grope for an anchor,
But my hold on reality is tenuous
At best, and ephemeral,
And furthermore
The panic-induced struggle
Only serves to tighten the jaws of sand;
Oh, I’d now give anything
For them to slip past the palms of my hands.
This realization, this epiphany
Is a moment of lucidity
Whence I regain my sanity
And my mind pushes back the instinct;
Calmly, I desist fretting
And free myself from the quicksand.
Now, walking towards land,
I feel the winds picking up momentum
And forcing the sands
To slip through my fingers;
Once again,
I relish in the heat
That lingers, and move on
Toward newer pastures….

⭐️ Quotes by Hiral N. (13)


The sword decends at your feet..

The wind changed direction,
while I was whispering your name..
The clouds turned to fire!!!

I am walking alone by the beach
And you are someplace else…
I dont know why fate plays
this suicidal game with my sanity…

I always have regret that
I can’t find you
I always forget to change Myself
as you do.. !!

Once upon a time,
You were my 12.A.M alarm..
You are my 3.A.M tears..
And sometimes,
You are my sleepless nights….


I’m just not cut out for love..
My soul craves sparks, and the way the kiss from a soulmate can make the world disappear..
I just think love is supposed to be Magical—not Logical…


Out of the head and into the heart..
Everything progressive comes from a longing for more in the heart.
If you are not creating space for quiet and focused breath, then you are being fueled by the anxious energy of mental chatter..
Feeling the heart is not the same as living in reaction to emotions..
The heart’s guidance is strong, steady, and warm.
There’s no rush..
Inner knowing is gentle and calm..
It needs to prove nothing..
Are you quiet enough to hear your heart??


I know
I am yours forever,
I still want to
win your heart every day…


If you want to make a
place in someone’s heart ,
Then you have to be
divorced with your Ego..


I want to touch you once.
To ensure you are in real.
People says you are just my illusion.
It’s never be yours… A broken heart wouldn’t mind
a few more cracks …


रूबरू मिलने का मौका मिलता नहीं है रोज,
इसलिए लफ्ज़ों से तुमको छू लिया करती हूँ.!!!
{ I didn’t get chance to meet in person everyday,
so I try to touch you by my Words..}

126.Heart Song _ Amy Finley

Until our final kiss goodbye

I didn’t know that hearts could fly
But mine flew away
With you that day.
Distance, so few thoughts I gave,
Until you had to leave that day.
But in that moment I could feel
That distance is heavy, hard, and real.
I didn’t know that heartstrings tied
And tangled up so much inside.
Until the last smile you sent my way
When you had to go that day.
I never thought that time could seem
So cold and cruel that I could scream.
Until the long hours after you’d gone,
As my heart cried until the dawn.
Now I am just holding on
For the moment our love’s sweet song
Together loud and true will ring
As so in love our hearts will sing…

125.Will You Ever Love Me? _ Derek S. Weaver

📍When I’m missing you,
I feel a million miles away.
I long for your touch.When I’m missing you,
I miss that angelic voice
And the laughter that comes with it.When I’m missing you,
I imagine your lips connecting with mine
And your arms embracing me.When I’m missing you,
I feel the distance
That separates you from me.When I’m missing you,
I can’t imagine my life without you.
No more separation.When I’m missing you,
I know when the time is right
I’d get down on bended knee.When I’m missing you,
I sometimes dream of you and me,
Happily ever after.But sometimes…When I’m missing you,
My heart gets heavy
Not knowing for sure if you miss me.When I’m missing you,
I often wonder if we’ll ever be together
Or if you even care.When I’m missing you,
I wonder if I just fill the void
That fills the hole in your heart.Sometimes…When I’m missing you,
The thought crosses my mind…
Will you ever love me like I love you???


📍It was long ago, In time and space, Where the night of my life…
Did take place…
The woman I loved, In tender rapture we Were entwined…
In my mind, For eternity, To all else the world…
I was blind, Our bodies and souls, With just one mind..
We fell asleep, till late that night, To me, the world Was never so right..
I’ll remember that night,Till the day I die…
And maybe longer, If God does comply, Those sweet hours, Far too few…
The ultimate ecstasy I ever knew….

123.Body and Soul _ Ivor G Davies

As I was walking down a road,Engrossed in thought that day.
I never even heard the car,That took my life away.
It ran my body over,While I just stood and stared.
To die today I hadn’t planned,And I was not prepared.
I looked about, for I had heard,A tunnel should appear,For me to walk into the light,Now free from all my fear.
But I wasn’t any different,I did not grow my wings.
Horns didn’t spring out from my head,I checked for all these things.
So what was I supposed to do,I couldn’t just stand there?
So I went to see my body,Was it broke beyond repair?
It was then I saw the silver cord,A shiny slender thread.
It joined my solar plexus,To the ‘me’ that lay there dead.
Then I thought I saw ‘me’ moving.In that instant things went black.
And I found myself now lying,At the roadside on my back.
It’s been some time, and now I’m well,A memory of the past,But I’ll not forget the moment,That I thought had been my last.
Though torn out from my body,I remained myself, and whole.
In that moment I discovered,My life-force was in my soul.
My death taught me a lesson,As only ‘dying’ does.
But I wonder where I’d be today,Had that car been a bus!!!

122. I Wish I could _ Hiral N.

I Wish I could check my heart beats…
I Wish I could perceive my Future…
I Wish I could control myself from climbing the cliff…
I Wish I could measure the depth of the sea…
I Wish I could tell my breath that I have to walk without the fragrance of its Place…
I Wish I could evaluate all the blue tides…
I Wish I could instruct my heart that now you have departed from my Way…
I Wish I could tell the stars that I am one among them, wide awake through out the night…
I Wish I could stop dreaming roses and its pricks…
I Wish I could tell the Sun to send some soothing ray in this winter day…
I Wish I could fly above and above ,never to return here any more…
I Wish I could dive very deep into the chilled water, to get relieve from the summer heat…
I Wish I could stop listening the whisper of my throb…
I Wish I could really overcome all these…⚜