☆ Quotes by Hiral N. (4)

Sometimes in life….
Don’t chase people.
Be an example.
Attract them.
Work hard and Be yourself.
The people who belong in
your life will come find you
and stay. Just do your thing….


92. True Love _ Lana Lynn

That devil is there now,

Been there half an hour—
Watching me through the window;
He never leaves;
He’s waiting till I exit the door
And at that moment he will get me;
To the nearest tree we’ll go
With barb wire
And those little worm like things
That he likes so much—
Then he’ll do things to me,
Such horrid little things,
Frightening scary things;
Because he says he loves me,
And that that’s just real love.

No one believes me;
They all say I’m crazy;
It’s all in my head,
Just my imagination—
So I’m waiting, myself,
And I’m hoping for an angel—
The one that’s supposed to guard me—
To come on down from heaven on high,
With those massive wings,
Translucent and glowing—
He’ll carry a massive sword
And with two mighty powerful hands,
He’ll take that sword
And from head to toe—
He’ll cleave that demon down there
Into two perfects halves;
I’ll watch as it crumples to the ground;
Then over it’s dead body
I’ll embrace that angel;
I’ll surrender myself, right then and there—
I’ll bring that angel down to earth

I’ll let him fall from grace
Right there in my arms,
And that, you see, that will be
True love.

¤ Trip to Belur , Halebeedu , Shravanabelagola, Hassan , Karnataka, India

@ Belur…

Hoysalas Architecture, between 11th and 13 centuries.

ChennaKeshava Temple


one of the finest of Hoysalas Architecture between 9th and 11th centuries…


the temple dedicated to load gomteshwara or Bahubali.470 feet high indragiri hill .58 feet and 8 inches tall sculpture of the Jain sage Gomteswara..established between 4th and 10th centuries…

More than 650 stairs to reach…

Video about mahamastaka abhishek with 1008 kalas of water , milk ,coconut water,clarified butter( ghee),curd, sugar,honey, turmeric, almond, saffron, Jaggery,sandal paste,marigolds flowers,rose, gold and silver flowers etc..are poured along with chanting of mantras….it’s great religious ceremony….

Read about this statue…

91. Vampire Kiss _ Claire Voyant

Every night it’s the same dark dream;

And it always ends with a scream;
You’re following me;
You’re haunting me;
You know I’m not what I seem.

It’s a black hot drenching heat;
Late at night on an empty street;
You’re chasing me;
You’re right behind me;
And you smell so eternally sweet.

You don’t come from the human swarm;
You’re of a distinctly different darkened form;
You’re touching me;
You’re tongue is breaking me;
You’re smoothly warm.

Life is complex and monstrous;
Pleasure at times is cancerous;
Your hand slides up;
And you find my cup;
Life should be always so wondrous.

Your nails dig deep into my skin,
Even as my head begins to spin;
You’re a burning flame;
But I’ll not cast any blame;
For you’ve given me an evil grin.

We’re on the brink of a cool spring;
It’s time to make you my all new king;
Your tongue finds mine;
And I can taste your bloody wine;
Please make my body sing.

I give in to a long deep sigh;
Tell me we’ll never say good-bye;
Now comes the bite,
and I won’t fight;

Even if it’s time to die…

Pic form Insta: brookeshaden

90.The True Beauty _ Thomas Carew

He that loves a rosy cheek
Or coral lip admires,

Or from star-like eyes doth seek
Fuel to maintain his fires ;

As old Time makes these decay,
So his flames must waste away.

But a smooth and steadfast mind,
Gentle thoughts, and calm desires,

Hearts with equal love combined,
Kindle never-dying fires :-

Where these are not, I despise

Lovely cheeks or lips or eyes…❣