80. Depth of eyes _ Hiral N.

I want to lay beside you, And stare in the depths Of your eyes…

I want to Getting lost,and Not wanting to Ever be found Again….

It’s only yours I keep going back into depth,

No matter how many eyes are looking at me,
I saw past them and looking for yours…

The only brown I want to drown in Your eyes, my heart’s embrace….

When our eyes meet,Our existences will collide…

There’s no place on the earth,
I’d rather hide in your eyes…

Brown meets brown And we drown,
In the depths held Within our eyes….
I will lay beside you Lost in


depths Of your eyes…
I Always found,

Home in your eyes…❣

15 thoughts on “80. Depth of eyes _ Hiral N.

    1. You have swept her off her feet with your great words. Translated loosely from Portuguese, this is her message:
      “Hello, I would like to thank you for following my blog because it is a different niche. I also like poetry very much, your very romantic post and I am also following your blog. kisses:

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