87. Alien Love _ Polly Morfus

My girl’s got sleek, shining, green skin;

My girl’s got a soft and gentle chin;
She’s got red silken hair that puffs up;
And such sad eyes, she’s a real pup.

She’s got small little amber horns;
Oh, they make such cute thorns;
They’re not far from her pointed ears—
My girl has got no peers.

Out on the oscillating dance floor,
This girl, she rocks me to my core;
Her body moves ever so slowly;
She undulates to a rhythm unholy.

Her body rises and falls in all the right places;
She only dresses in soft scarlet satin laces;
She wears a heart tattoo on her ass,
So you know that she’s got a lot of sass.

She wears long leather black boots;
She attracts all the wrong brutes;
Love is dark and strange, and out far—

When your living near a different star…

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