91. Vampire Kiss _ Claire Voyant

Every night it’s the same dark dream;

And it always ends with a scream;
You’re following me;
You’re haunting me;
You know I’m not what I seem.

It’s a black hot drenching heat;
Late at night on an empty street;
You’re chasing me;
You’re right behind me;
And you smell so eternally sweet.

You don’t come from the human swarm;
You’re of a distinctly different darkened form;
You’re touching me;
You’re tongue is breaking me;
You’re smoothly warm.

Life is complex and monstrous;
Pleasure at times is cancerous;
Your hand slides up;
And you find my cup;
Life should be always so wondrous.

Your nails dig deep into my skin,
Even as my head begins to spin;
You’re a burning flame;
But I’ll not cast any blame;
For you’ve given me an evil grin.

We’re on the brink of a cool spring;
It’s time to make you my all new king;
Your tongue finds mine;
And I can taste your bloody wine;
Please make my body sing.

I give in to a long deep sigh;
Tell me we’ll never say good-bye;
Now comes the bite,
and I won’t fight;

Even if it’s time to die…

Pic form Insta: brookeshaden

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