98. Dear relationships that no longer serve me _ ALEXIS CHAPLIN

First off,

I want to thank you for the time that we spent together.

For the beautiful, and not-so-beautiful, moments.

Like the times we laughed together,the times we had fun,the times we truly were connected and engaged.

But I want to let you know that it’s no longer working out for me.

You see—I’m on this path that’s full of love and light, of happiness, success, vitality, and fun.

Lots of laughter, lots of openness and exploring, lots of yoga, dancing, creativity, movement, and excitement.

You see—I just don’t have time or space for the darkness anymore.

I don’t have time to be put down or made fun of.

I don’t have time for unnecessary drama and arguments.

Those things just don’t interest me anymore.

I’m sorry if they still interest you.

But you’ll have to accept that I wont entertain the negativity, the self-deprecation, the rude comments, the eye rolls, the walking-on-eggshells feelings,the control, the anger, the anxiety, the judgments, the depression, and desire to stay stuck.

I’m sorry, past loves, I’m just not having it.

I’m moving on, moving forward, rebuilding myself.

I’m being reborn.

I’m shaping myself in strength and virtue, in elegance and intelligence, in beauty and in joy.

In love.

I can accept that at one time we did love each other.

And our love was powerful.

But I’m taking that power and that love and redirecting it.

Redirecting it to myself and to my future, to new ways and new patterns and, ultimately, a new life.

My hope for you is that you can do this too.

That you can let me go, let us go, and move on.

And on and on and on….

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